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Yes, We Carn! is a different food-truck from the ones you know so far. With our services, both private and public events take on another dimension. With us you will have the best burgers, portions and the best meat at the best price. In addition, we are also able to help in other aspects of your event such as serving drinks, open bar, tables and chairs and a long etcetera.

With our extensive catalogue of food, you will surely find and pick the options you like to design the menu of your event, always served efficiently and focusing, above all, on serving quality products to your guests.

In addition, you can customize our windows with an exclusive personalized vinyl poster for your celebration. We can arrange its design by inserting a text and images of your choosing and afterwards you may keep it as a souvenir of your special celebration.

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In this section, we invite you to embark on a gastronomic journey, where each publication will lead you to discover new flavours and stories behind each dish we offer.

Grup de gent gaudint del menjar davant la food-truck de Yes, We Carn

A new beginning

Having meticulously designed our trailer and the interior kitchen and found a food-truck manufacturer, we

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