We love burgers!

Hamburgueses amb formatge a capses, disposades en línia

When we started to devise our project, we knew that the main protagonist of our food would be burgers.

When we started to devise our project, we knew that the main protagonist of our food would be burgers.

We were also determined to use as many local ingredients as possible for our elaborations.

After much research, we found the perfect burger bread manufacturer in our island, Mallorca, where artisanal burger bread is made with sourdough as an ingredient, which gives the bread a quality in its taste and an unbeatable texture.

Furthermore, the potatoes and vegetables we use to elaborate our dishes are also from agricultural cooperatives in Mallorca.

Moreover, we found a burger supplier through which we have been able to elaborate different burgers to our taste and to what we believed our customers would like. That is, without preservatives, conservatives or any additives which make our burgers unique and exclusive in all its characteristics, obtaining a quality burger with a characteristic taste and smell of meat to delight our consumers.

The election of the meat of our burgers was the toughest decision for us to make. So, to guide us in our decision, we did several blind tests with family and friends, to make sure that the product we offered was appreciated and most people liked it.

The star of our burgers is the Angus, a burger of 180 grs. with an incredible taste of beef, typical of the Angus breed, with a powerful taste but without making the burger dry, since the ratio of lean meat and fat of 80/20 makes it stay juicy. It is a favourite among our guests.

Also made of beef, we offer the Wagyu, of 160 grs. which taste is milder and more delicate than the Angus and has the characteristic taste of the Wagyu breed, of Asian origin. It is one of our premium burgers par excellence.

For bigger appetites, we have just incorporated a new beef burger variety of 200 grs., made only and exclusively of dry-aged beef with about 40 days of ageing. It is a sizable burger with the characteristic and intense taste of dry-aged meat, which has lately become quite popular.

Apart from these excellent burgers we have a wider variety of 100grs burgers, where we must highlight the Chicken burger and the mixed beef and pork burger, which are beloved by our younger consumers. In addition, we also enjoy catering for our vegetarian consumers by offering the vegetable burger made of pea protein and vegetables.