About Us

Yes, We Carn!, much more than a food-truck

Yes, We Carn! was born at the beginning of 2020. It consists of a food-truck (kitchen-trailer) equipped for the preparation and serving of food and beverage mainly in multitudinous public events, such as fairs, markets; and also private events, such as weddings, christenings, communions and other similar events.

The typology of our food-truck is mainly based on fast food: hamburgers, hot-dogs and baguette sandwiches. We also offer other dishes or portions such as chicken wings, croquettes and nuggets; and quality meats such as entrecote, ribeye or T-bone.

Apart from our excellent variety of food, we also offer complementary services. We can provide drinks in an open bar format, tables, chairs, table dressing and cutlery, as well as other services such as a professional Serrano ham cutter. Our complementary services aim to give the best service and cater for all the customer’s needs and preferences.

Our ‘Yes, We Carn’ project intends to be different from others. Our food truck trailer was carefully designed and manufactured with precise materials to be able to specifically carry out our services efficiently

‘Yes, We Carn! is the result of a long period of study. Every decision has been made to create a serious project which meets all technical, legal and health requirements, in order to offer our customers quality products with the maximum guarantees.

Due to the design of our well-equipped kitchen, we can work with significant volumes of demand quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, our storage capacity allows us to always have the stock to meet our customer’s requirements.

Behind this project there is also a previous market study, a complete business plan with reports on viability, profitability and marketing plans, among others.